Monday, May 08, 2006

Olivier Assayas added as one of Senses of Cinema's Great Directors series

Joining other new "Great Directors" Francis Ford Coppola and Willi Forst, Olivier Assayas is added to the critical database of Great Directors by Senses of Cinema. Click to read the full article by Franck le Gac:

The “narrative of the second chance” which Clean gives shape to is but the latest manifestation of Assayas' interest in both allowing a degree of figurative and narrative uncertainty within his fictions and vesting a belief in the capacity of human beings to suspend existing ties (to family, community, nation, and more generally to a social and political order they can no longer sanction, from which they feel completely alienated) to gain a better sense of who they are, and perhaps form new associations on that basis. As I briefly hinted earlier, two events informed Assayas' newfound hope in individual, small-scale action even within a hostile environment (for him, the ideological petrification and the exhaustion of revolutionary energy throughout 1970s France). The first was the explosion of punk rock in Great Britain in 1976 and 1977, with its all-out attack on mores, propriety, professionalism, including on what rock music was supposed to be, and its principle that no future was better than a preordained one.


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