Friday, April 28, 2006

Reviews for Clean's opening weekend in NYC

Clean opens in New York this weekend. Here's what the reviewers have to say:

"Unlike the majority of recovery stories, in which sensationalism seesaws with gooey sentimental uplift, "Clean" shows just how hard it is to start life over in a lower key. Avoiding shortcuts and sugar-coated palliatives, it portrays Emily's acceptance of a more prosaic future as a torturous, quotidian process that moves in fits and starts. Although the screenplay doesn't go into pharmaceutical detail, she progresses from methadone, through illicitly obtained painkillers and marijuana toward relative stability and sobriety."
- Read the full New York Times review by Stephen Holden

"Be that as it mayĆ³Assayas crafts a bitter, spot-on poison-pen sketch of the airless, stenchy subterranea of the fringe rock world, down to the bad hygiene and inveterate dream spinning, and Cheung stalks through the film's cellars, all-night diners, cretinous fashion strokes, and nimbus of cheap ideas with a guileless awkwardness, never fitting in and aware of being loathed."
- Read the full Village Voice review, Love in Vein: Maggie Cheung radiant as ever in addiction portrait by Michael Atkinson

"A superb effort by a first-rank director, and manna from heaven for Cheung fans."
- Read the full Premiere review by Glenn Kenny

"Cheung plays a musician trying to clean up her act for the sake of her kid and it features a few interesting rock cameos from bands like Metric and trip-hop pioneer Tricky. Nolte is surprisingly low-key in his performance and his chemistry with Cheung is really great, definitely worth seeing."
- Read the full Gothamist review by Karen Wilson


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