Monday, April 17, 2006

"Drugs are more complicated than most people think they are"

In Clean, Emily (Maggie Chueng) and her son Jay (James Dennis) finally talk about drugs and the overdose that killed Jay's father.
*Thanks to Cindy for pointing out and transcribing this conversation from the film.

Emily: It was me who bought in the drugs that night. He took some, I took some. It’s the way that always between us. What’s the difference who bought them? Anything could have happened. It could be Lee losing me. And you know what? Drugs are more complicated than what most people think they are. Some people need them because they’re suffering. Because they don’t know how to do in the other way. Your Dad was like that, and me too.

Jay: Because you were weak.

Emily: No, your Dad wasn’t weak. And he did really some great work. But it wasn’t easy for him. You have to be very strong to do that. You should be proud of him.

Jay: Then how could he need drugs?

Emily: They give us some really good times, but afterwards you really have to pay the price. And it’s very high. Look at me, I’m still paying.

Jay: You are not on drugs any more.

Emily: I gave up, mainly for you.

Jay: Why for me?

Emily: ‘Coz otherwise I know I’ll never see you again

Here are a few personal stories of drugs and recovery that people have shared online.

"I've found this last diary difficult to write because I want so much for this to help other people who are dependent on drugs. But I also know in my heart that, whatever anyone says or does, the addict has to truly want recovery for themselves. Each of us has our own personal hell on earth. I had to reach mine before I found the strength to get out."
- Sarah's diary, Channel 4

"I never say never," said Molly as she took a drag off of her cigarette. "Would I go back? No, not now. Tomorrow? Maybe."
- Molly, The Easterner, Eastern Washington U.

"Using half-facts to justify continued addiction...Don’t twist sober wisdom to fit your and enabling."
- Ms Crankypants


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